Workers Revolutionary Collective

Volunteer Application

For those who have come because their conscience leaves me no other choice, WRC is honored to relay on community support to advance our mission. For those who understand there comes a time when silence is betrayal. That time has come in relation to Capitalism.

What is your gender identity? -Optional
What is your gender identity? -Optional
Gender Nonconforming
What is your racial and ethnic identity? -Optional
What is your racial and ethnic identity? -Optional
African heritage/Black
European heritage/White
Indigenous/First Nations
Middle Eastern
Asian Descent
What is your economic status? -Optional
What is your economic status? -Optional
Low income/low assets
Moderate income/moderate assets
High income/high assets
  • Collective Events – setup, cleanup, community meetings hosting, passion contribution, skills training (any professional, trade, or community skills).
  • Remote Office – proofreading, research, bibliographies, data sorting, phone calls.
  • Local Driving – picking up participates and supplies.
  • Local Outreach – attending local community events and talking about WRC efforts on shared struggles.
  • Love, Care, & Understanding – massages, yoga, energy healing, exercise, and personal support
  • Labor – harvesting, floating assistance, deescalation, or errands.
  • Art – make signs, cards, gift, and works of art to represent WRC’s mission, the oppressed, or honor those who help.
  • Media – hosting, setup, editing, marketing, or giving WRC access to platforms to inform the people of our mission.
  • Donations – help in opportunities to garner contributions.
  • Digital Footprint – website, mobile applications, or social media expertise.