Voting System Integrity


The voting system of our Republic was founded on keeping control in the hands of property owning elites. This is has not changed.

Most representatives legislate in corporate interest for back door deals of board seats and campaign contributions to influence policies that benefit corporations at the expense of the working people.

The two controlling parties have repeatedly failed to bring the people justice because they have fallen into the control of those who think in terms of dollars instead of human needs.

Overturned laws in 1976, including Buckley v. Valeo, and the 2010 Citizens United decision has allowed elite’s to “legally” and openly control the two largest political parties.

Political science research has demonstrated undoubtedly that electability for political office is predictable with remarkable precision from just one variable, campaign spending, and that a majority of the population is disenfranchised.

Elected representatives disregard the voices of the constituents for the preferences of the donor class, until election time. Constituent demands for the handling of the 2008 bail outs, NFATA, NDAA, immigration, a public option of the ACA, Patriot Act, tax reform and more is mere noise yielding to increasing profits for the corporations and eviscerating the rights of the people.

We live in a society of Inverted Totalitarianism; where corporate forces pretend to pay fidelity to electoral politics, the constitution, and patriotism yet internally have seized all the levers of power to render the citizens mute. Taking control of America from voters and putting it in the hands of lobbyist, global corporations, millionaire politicians, and the billionaire donors.

We will not fix homelessness, poverty, or inequality by a quick fix or marginal adjustment through reform. These issues are systemic to capitalism and how it structurally operates.

Does your vote count?

California office of the Secretary of State removed 900,000 Non Party Preference Voters from voting rolls.

Voting Rights Act repealed in 2013

250,000 residents removed in New York City voter rolls.

No political rights for large portion of the country, majority black and brown voters.

340,134 residents removed in Georgia voter rolls.

Reform vs Revolution

It is insufficient to just change the face or to choose the other political party. Uprising are brewing in every county and industry. As teachers and students walk out of unequipped classrooms, as we lose thousands addicted to opioids and inflated healthcare cost, and as we all continue to live check to check.

Trickle Down Economics has Left Us with Trickle Down Change