Volunteer Positions

You are welcome to contribute to WRC’s mission to end the systematic oppression of the working class. Now more than ever do we need the dedication and skills of volunteers like you to to contribute your time and passion to the world.

  • Collective Events – setup, cleanup, community meetings hosting, passion contribution, skills training (any professional, trade, or community skills).
  • Remote Office – proofreading, research, bibliographies, data sorting, phone calls.
  • Local Driving – picking up participates and supplies.
  • Local Outreach – attending local community events and talking about WRC efforts on shared struggles.
  • Love, Care, & Understanding – massages, yoga, energy healing, exercise, and personal support.
  • Labor – harvesting, floating assistance, deescalation, or errands.
  • Art – make signs, cards, gift, and works of art to represent WRC’s mission, the oppressed, or honor those who help.
  • Media – hosting, setup, editing, marketing, or giving WRC access to platforms to inform the people of our mission.
  • Donations – help in opportunities to garner contributions.
  • Digital Footprint – website, mobile applications, or social media expertise.

If you have other skills that you think might be helpful, let us know in the application. We will be in touch. Thanks for your interest!

Contribute How? 


Immerse yourself in the struggle by helping in one of the many collectives that takes a shared struggle head on.


Hand in hand we must build our future, give the gift of a skill that can never be repaid.


Help shelter the bridges of communication that help us understand one another.