Technological Ownership & Digital Freedoms

Our attention, our voice, our morals, and our ability to think critically are being sold to the anyone willing to pay. Social media uses us by exploiting our insecurities for profit and selling products that amount to temporary satisfaction. We have become the currency these multi billion dollar tech companies are exchanging.

Areas with internet monopolies leave us vulnerable to exploitation from companies like Verizon, who throttled internet speeds of firefighters in California Camp Fire as a cost saving measure.

The public has become the guinea pigs for large tech companies to test their AI tech. These companies know the risks but sell faulty software and hardware for billions of dollars regardless of the cost of life.

Regulatory agencies have become partners or supports of industry and stop regulating. Tax funded agencies in place to protect and keep the people aware of the dangers of new technologies; FAA, FCC, EPA, etc. are run by the likes of Boeing, Comcast, and GM.

The alliance of the corporate and state power has never been clearer in anytime in American history. We have allowed the technology breakthroughs of our government to be the become the chains of corporate power and oppression. We have watched the future to be funded by the people but owned by the few.

Most basic scientific breakthroughs are publicly funded, some of those include:



Wind Energy


The Microchip


Water Purification


Touch Screen

Cellular Technologies 

Artificial Intelligence  

Super Computers

Heart Rate Monitors

Solar Panels

Infant Formula

Deepen the Democratic Contents of Our Society