WRC Orientation


We use orientations to consistently review, develop & refine our organizational & cultural processes of collective governance, participatory budgeting & nonviolent solidarity. Join our community orientation where members and friends can: familiarize themselves with one another get a feel for the spirit and culture of WRC learn about & offer feedback on how WRC organizes […]

Autonomous Library Organizing Workshop

0 Autonomous Library Organizing Workshop - Developing & documenting a collective vision for collaboration Thursday August 19th 7-9pm 4134 Lancaster Avewrc.life

Autonomous Library Organizing Workshop for developing & documenting a collective vision for collaboration both in person and remotely. Collaborative Organizing Document: https://pad.riseup.net/p/LAVALibrary-keep This event costs WRC $600 to make possible. Please join us in making more possible. Participate. Circulate. Donate