Quality Education

For minorities and non affluent whites a direct message has been sent. Your hard work and determination does not matter. The education system we are told is a meritocracy is a facade and the only determining factor is your families net worth.

The education system is just another branch of the capitalist system that allows a few people to manipulate the system so that most people work hard to barely survive while a few do noting but have great privilege.

State capitalism has overtaken university boards with students and faculty only having on average 1 seat each. Most are appointed by state governors of which most are donors to their campaigns. Often board members give lucrative college construction, textbook, waste management, and food service contracts to companies they are a beneficiary of.

1.6 trillion in student loans has not only hog-tied millennials into a new form of indentured servitude but is now the cause of social security checks being intercepted to pay back loans that stretch into retirement.

Boards of trustees are being paid millions to sell lies to generations of people seeking education to better serve their communities by trapping them in debt for degrees that are worthless in the real world.

A majority of teachers make $40,000 or less yet they must raid their familie’s budget to provide for their students.

Schools can uplift students out of poverty but also ascend communities to innovative solutions to their troubles.

Today unequipped schools are anchors on the students and communities as they perpetuate the “Failure Identity.”

I am, somehow, less interested in the weight and convolutions of Einstein’s brain than in the near certainty that people of equal talent have lived and died in cotton fields and sweatshops. – Stephen Jay Gould

1.7 million students in schools with police but no counselors.

3 million students in schools with police but no nurses.

6 million students in schools with police but no psychologist.

10 million students in schools with police but no social workers.