Military Industrial Complex

A glance at US history shows American elites spent a great deal of time revising colonial laws so by the time the Revolution began estate owners, property holders, and overseers were all exempt from service.

Laws like the 20 Negros Act and reports from whistleblowers like Major General Smedley Butler reveal the working class people; white, brown, or black have fought wars for the benefit of the wealthy and powerful, as they spread lies to the public from a podium.

This is to conclude that all the wars in our lifetime have been based on lies and the manipulation of public to pursue power and profit.

The US military, currently bombing in 9 different countries that goes largely unreported, is in violation of of our constitution, without any challenge from Congress, and international law, for countless human rights violations.

The CIA and Pentagon have “lost” trillions of tax dollars, funding terrorist “rebel groups” such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda, to fuel wars of aggression against sovereign countries for the benefit of oil and weapons corporations.

Regime change wars and polices of supplying aid directly and indirectly have increased the strength and numbers of terrorist groups. While partners like Saudi Arabia openly aid terrorist groups and lead genocides as they are in Yemen.

Foreign Policy decisions are calculated by weapons manufactures as members of their board of directors spew war propaganda on the news to the public.

The result is the occupation of land in areas where we have killed twice the number of civilians than combatants and stolen natural resources from the people we claim to be liberating from terror.

Permanent State control in our forever wars to “Fight Terror.”

Domestically we now face the consequence of our actions aboard with the creation of prisons that have no legal way out, militarized police forces, and $100 billion in intelligence and surveillance equipment being used on US citizens to further enrich the Beltway bandits.

This is complete fusion of corporate and state power. Where the number of dead bodies increases funding. The theft of natural resources increases stock prices. And where the Department of Offense rains supreme as the greatest terror organization in the history. 

What is the cost of war and who pays the price?

Wives to widows and children to orphans

Fathers bury sons, instead of sons burying fathers

Children frighten by blue skies, because they worry it means drones will be coming to shoot at them.

…the working class who fight all the battles, the working class who make the supreme sacrifices, the working class who freely shed their blood and furnish the corpses, have never yet had a voice in either declaring war or making peace. – Eugene Debs