Judicial & Policing Injustice

Crimes in capitalism are in largely created by the situations the system places people in such as consistent poverty, criminalization of drugs and drug addiction, lack of basic human needs, and allowing the capitalist class to steal billions from the working class through wage theft.

The court system has failed to protect the people. Laws have been rewritten, the constitution has been reinterpreted by judicial fiat twisting intentions to serve corporations and the wealthy.

White-collar crimes that have effects on millions if not billions of lives often result in no one doing jail time or being held accountable. While working class people, especially minorities, can be jailed or killed for the crime of being suspicious.

Grand juries, due to their secretive nature and limitless subpoena power, have allowed the government to utilized the processes as tools for garnering information about movements by questioning witnesses behind closed doors.

War without declaration is now common, unlimited corporate cash is now the right to petition the government, and the refusal by the court system to stand up in the face of wholesale surveillance that disregards all privacy protections displays the injustice systems true nature.

Judicial extortion has lead tickets and fines to be some countries largest revenue sources. Violations of power that uphold the unjust laws result in paid vacations for police that lack the training to deescalate. Private prison and probation companies extract billions from working and oppressed communities with the threat of being imprisoned for being poor. The system is not broken.

Cities are spending more on policing than education, preventative healthcare, and youth programs combined.

Laws don’t stop crimes from happening, they only punish those who break those laws.

At any time as many as 60,000 youth are detained in juvenile facilities or prisons in US.

Protest not just the indiscriminate use of lethal force by militarized police who can kill with impunity but the austerity that the vulnerable of us are being exploited under everyday.

“Dead men don’t tell tales.” – Erica Hamlett