Journalistic Integrity

The national debate is choreographed, the range of arguments have been narrowed long before the public is allowed to join in. This servers only to isolate of our beliefs, ideas, and thoughts about the world. To leave the people of the working class to question if we are alone in our desire for fulfillment beyond profit.

“News” starts with unquestioned assumptions often picking worthy and unworthy victims.

Coverage of the murders of blacks at the hands of law enforcement are often about the character of the dead, framing the predetermined outcome that results in no accountability. While the impact to the community is only televised when anger with systemic oppression erupts on the streets.

War coverage glorifies bombs taking off into the sky but never shows the devastation caused to working and oppressed communities where they land.

The people hired at media corporations are those who don’t push back against the establishment narrative or ask questions that confront advertisers, the military industrial complex, the fossil fuels industry, or Wall Street. 

There is no substantive coverage of the issues that a majority of the working class agree need to be solved immediately. The public is just dropped on a conveyer-belt for advertisers, to be convinced to buy items we don’t need. We are never provoked to question the materialistic utility of the items we are advertised or the reason for such militaristic advertisers.

US press freedom is 48th in the world.

Pessimism has no function

Multi billion dollar platforms that are built to deliver your eyes to advertisers. 

Mainstream media has always had a difficulty in communicating what needs to be communicated to the public for democracy to be realized.

Democracy Can Only Survive if the People are Informed.