International Working Class Solidarity

The Global economy allows for corporate capital have no limitations but restricts workers with imaginary borders. These borders are used as a form of control to keep the working people divided, blind to the similarity of our struggles, and at the whim of the oligarchic elites.

The suppression of the power of the working class can be witnessed in the limited action on implementing climate catastrophe to a non bonding agree. While the context of trade deals are solely about outsourcing jobs, shifting the victims of exploitation, and extracting natural resources to increase profits for corporations.

This economy has failed to deliver growth for over half it’s people generating generations of discontent with the status quo. As the systems contradictions become clearer will the people continue to allow our police to occupy our streets like soldiers and our soldiers to occupy other country’s streets like police?

What will revolution look like?

The decisions toward liberation lie at the feet of working and oppressed people around the world, while automation stares us in the eyes. We have the choice to plan or be planned for, cooperate or be conquered, evolve or die.

Solidarity from Ferguson to the West Bank, Caracas to Tahrir Square

The workers struggle has no borders.

Sanctions kill working and oppressed people

If you are fighting against injustice and you don’t have any other tools, you adopt the tools that are available, you manufacture your own tools.

– Hanan Ashrawi