Each day the lives of millions of people around the world begins within a seemingly infinite struggle to find a place to belong. Where do you go when your home has been destroyed or is now the territory of a “rebel groups” backed by the world’s greatest military? What do you do when your only escape is to keep running?

The U.S. once a place for all, now only accepts those looking for refuge for their capital or immigrants who’s incomes are high enough to purchase their citizenship. No longer are we taking the tired, the poor, or huddled masses yearning to be free but are creating a generation of tired, poor, and huddled masses in search of a home.

The creation of an imaginary barrier that requires native workers to lose in order for immigrants be cared for has barred most from gaining an understanding of why immigrants leave their home in the first place.

Racist government action on protections for undocumented immigrants has enabled the construction, farming, and services industries to take advantage of workers with the threat of ICE.

Political Football. Seemingly unifying rhetoric followed by the indiscriminate deportation and the building of cages. While others feed on racial tensions to push racist policies and distort the imagine of oppressed people to lock families in cages for profit.

What makes a person illegal?

What is the path to citizenship?

It will never be a good world so long as elites make our laws, are chosen out of fear, and do but oppress us yet do not know the people’s pain.

No One Leaves Home Unless Home Is the Mouth of A Shark