Housing Insecurity

Since the 2008 housing crisis a majority of Americans have been left scrambling for housing. While the banks responsible were bailed out, received millions of homes of working class families, and have continued to profit using the same schemes.

Today cities are filled with more empty houses than there are homeless people, thousands of homeless children attending public schools, and millions of working class people have negative equity in their homes, making them prisoners to their job and property.

A shortfall of tens of millions of affordable housing units and the massive construction of luxury residences used to store wealth continues the narrative of scarcity.

The system has continued the process of valuing properties over people and empowering landlords to disempower communities by evicting, increasing rent, and the gentrification of neighborhoods to suit the private profit motive.

How does imprisoning a person for being homeless end their homelessness? What is a society that chooses to do so?

The idea that housing is a human right is never discussed as it would expose homelessness as a product of the failed capitalist housing market of uneven prosperity.

The many faces of homelessness … At least 25% of homeless people have full time jobs, 41% of the homeless population are homeless families, and around 50,000 college students are homeless in California alone.

We must no longer recognize speculated housing prices, but the housing needs of our working and oppressed communities.

We the people should not be spending the majority of our incomes on a basic need such as shelter but have shelter that allows us to spend our lives pursing passion and contributing to our communities.

Housing is the key most working class people, especially minorities, lack towards building a stable family and community environment. Cities are in the mist of ever growing tent encampments and some have over 150,000 empty housing units due to lack of affordability.

“Revolution is based on land. Land is the basis of all independence. Land is the basis of freedom, justice, and equality.” – Malcolm X