Healthcare For All

A shared understanding from most working class people that have required medical care in the U.S. is that it’s filled with confusion, repetitive paperwork, long waits, and at the end average results and a life changing bill.

The system of today has costed American families more money out of pocket than any other country, forcing families most recently into $88 billion in debt.

What research is funded has become the decision of elites and corporations, now funding 2/3 of basic research, which means our healthcare future is left up to those who only fund studies that benefit them financially or those who bury studies that discover the side effects of medicine.

This only perpetuates the system that takes a life saving choice of donating organs and charges another person their life savings to receive it, charges $500 for a month supply of medicine that cost $5 for a three month supply in Canada, or locks workers at a job because they’re tied to an employer healthcare plan.

All this while the foundations of all modern medicine were invented with federal grants, tax payers money, in university labs. Life saving medicine that is the property of the people is now locked behind price walls costing American lives.

Do I take a smaller dose of insulin because I cannot afford a refill?

 Should I choose my child’s college fund or surgery for my life?

Will my family survive after my medical bills have bankrupted us?

 These are questions that only Americans must consider everyday in this capitalist system based around sickness care. Designed to treat pain to maintain a cliental base rather than focusing on preventing and curing diseases.

Public Health vs Private Wealth