Healing Spaces

Free Medical, Dental, Vision healthcare at the

Pennsylvania Convention Center April 23rd-24th

The Workers Revolutionary Collective is organizing community owned healing spaces in coalition with labor unions, community organizations, herbalists, healthcare professionals, and local farmers.

Robust, functional networks of healing spaces, strong systems of support, organized local engagement with preventative care resources, and long-term care management options moves the practice of care outside of the confines of economic labor exploitation, making quality humanized care a demonstrated reality for10,000  Philadelphians of all cultural and economic statuses.

Holistic Healing Spaces

A robust network of trauma informed healing spaces through a cooperatively directed, community-delivered healing processes and housing equipment would be capable of engaging Philadelphia neighbors through agreements that are respectful, financially non-exploitative, and holistic care-oriented.

Long-term Care Management Options

With a feedback-based understanding of personal, familial, and communal experiences and desires for mutual-aid systems ecosystem development, holistic care practices that uphold long term health integrity and provide preventative and healing measures prior to illness resists against the overbearing reliance on post-illness pharmaceutical profitability.

Critical Knowledge Transmission

Through intersectional organizing of critical care education, unionizing our available social, economic, and physical weapons disrupts echo chambers politicizing healthcare and weaponized our collective experiences in favor of equitable community health outcomes.

Public Health vs Private Wealth


We believe that the government must provide funding for community owned and operated health facilities which will not only treat the illnesses of today but provide holistic preventive programs for our future generations.

Coalition Events

Remote Area Medical Clinic

Free Medical, Vision, Dental care

April 23rd, at 5AM - 24th, til 9PM

Pennsylvania Convention Center

Uhuru Health Festival and Flea Market

Health Festival

April 30th 9AM-5PM

Clark Park

Where Our Power comes from?


WRC is powered by people ready to contribute their Economic, Political, Physical, Psychological, and, Social nonviolent weapons to our collective liberation.

We treat workers with the radical love, co-care, and authenticity necessary to develop and support local power building within oppressed and working communities across all spectrums of class divisions. 

In commit to sourcing financial contributions directly from community members and grassroots organizations through action support, mutual aid, and grant giving, all our financials are transparently reported on our blog.