Food Insecurity

Food as a commodity by corporations has altered the ways we produce, process, and distribute food to serve corporate profit instead of people’s health and wellbeing.

Industrial farming has removed the people’s connection to the food we eat and turned the earth’s natural medicine into a contributor of the leading causes of death.

The theft of life has begun as seeds have become intellectual property. Pesticides and the forced planting of patented seeds has lead to super bugs and super weeds, resistant to pesticides, and a drastic decrease in plant gene biodiversity, leaving some crops valuable to extinction.

Industrial agriculture companies have turned the soil into an addict for chemicals, poisoned water, and used economic monopoly to destroy the abilities of small farmers to sustain themselves or their families.

Monsanto, creator or Agent Orange, has globally taken over the seed industry, by way of suing smaller seed companies until they must sell.

Theft of climate resilient seeds shows elite corporations see the upcoming effect of climate catastrophe that will bring more cyclones, hurricanes, flooding, and extended droughts and are waiting to reap the profits.

80% of species & 90% of crop varieties in some places have vanished due to habitat destruction of land poisoning from pesticides

The global theft of land by Monsanto and other seed owning corporations has lead to the suicide of thousands of small farmers, destroying communities around the world.

The extinction of other species is connected to our own.

The genocide of working people from the 200,000 yearly pesticide poisonings, an increase in farmer suicides, and food causing cancer epidemics. 

Patents on life