Financial Inequality

In this time of unprecedented financial inequality, the dominate narrative of meritocracy shows itself to be a myth. The people who work the hardest in this system live on rations by paycheck while those with the greatest fortune live on the exploitation of their wage slaves. This myth has caused privilege at all levels to blind us from being able to see the struggles of the oppressed.

Our perception of the real criminals; those who run the country, the largest corporations, Wall Street, and the Pentagon has been altered so we are complicate in our own destruction. This has allowed taxation policies to protect wealth and extract it from all working and oppressed communities.

Since 1978, CEO pay has increased by 937% while the average workers’ has grown by just 11.2%, leaving a ratio of over 1000:1. This is fueling the growth of mega corporations and the Military Industrial Complex that have lost and avoided trillions in taxes through lobbying, tax loopholes, and corruption.

For average workers debt is a weight that becomes a crippling liability but the wealthy are able use debt in a way to create more wealth on the back of workers.

The “job” market, once a resource to lift people out poverty, now perpetuates it with 40% of people 55-64 having $0 saved for retirement. Jobs that rip the people off are not the solution to our economic difficulties, its a step into difficulties worst than before.

46% new income has gone to top 1%

40% of households are liquid asset poor, no savings. 

1% of Americans own 3/4 of all Stockmarket shares.

20% of seniors live on 13,500 or less

29 people have more wealth than bottom 50%

Global 1% has more wealth than bottom 90%

1 hour Goldman Sachs speeches pays more than 2 billion people combined will make in a year.

Freedom means nothing if you don’t have enough to eat, if you are denied adequate healthcare, education, or shelter because of the value associated with your name or that of your families.

The majority of people who work must worry at the end of the money about the fact that there is too much month left to survive.