Exploitative Employment

How are we free if we must spend a majority of our time in a dictatorship?

Capitalism stands on the shoulders of consumerism, class division, and militarism. Within it lies internal contradictions similar to the economic systems of Feudalism and Slavery before it. There is a class of people who work hard but live in poverty and a class of people who do not work but live in luxurious laziness.

In capitalism every institution must either make more money or survive competitively by cutting labor cost. This is done through automation or getting cheaper workers to replace more expensive ones, which lowers the working conditions.

Pressure to conform moral principles for profit and corporate interest in what economist call the “race to the bottom” for workers can be seen in mass firings after mega mergers and outsourcing to make a few million dollars at the cost of thousands of working class lives.

GM, bailed out by the tax payers, has repaid us by laying off over 15,000 workers, while spending 10.6 billion to buy back its own stock to increase the share value price for top executives to profit more. This is after outsourcing thousands of manufacturing jobs and pushing wages down from $21 to $12 in the US.

What will happen to the millions of drivers under capitalism when the most common job is replaced by self driving car? What will happen to their working class communities as the unemployed free fall into poverty?

Without democracy at the workplace those at the top will buy the political system, which is clearer by the day as politicians pass legislation in the interest of corporations in spite of people who vote them into office.

We have enough resources to house every homeless person, feed every hungry person, and cloth every person in rags but all of these resources are held for capitalist profit.

Clothing is burned if it does not sell fast enough, while people freeze without a coat.

Farmers are paid to not grow or destroy crops to prop up prices, while millions starve.

Every time a hazardous, stressful, or dangerous job becomes obsolete we should be overcome with joy, not worry and fear of what the future will bring. 

The evil of the present system is not that the “surplus-value” of production goes to the capitalist … The evil lies in the possibility of a surplus-value existing. – Pyotr Kropotkin