Resourcing Our (Disability Justice) Movements with Fireweed Collective

What would it look like to have our movements fully resourced? How much money is out there and how can we break down the barriers that prevent money from flowing to the places where it’s most needed and best positioned to make change? Join Kiyomi Fujikawa, Co-Director of Third Wave Fund, for an overview of philanthropy. Kiyomi will talk through the current landscape of philanthropy, discuss the state of Disability Justice funding, and offer some insights on what this funding may look like in the future. She will also share her perspective on some key questions when thinking about engaging with philanthropy.

Please note: this will not be a space to prospect any individual funders, but more talk about the funding landscape.

Presented By Kiyomi Fujikawa, Co-Director of Third Wave Fund

Kiyomi Fujikawa (she/her) is a Seattle-based, mixed-race queer trans femme who has been involved with movements to end gender- and state-based violence since 2001. Her political home is with queer and trans communities of color and organizing to prevent and respond to intimate partner violence.

Kiyomi is currently on the board of Groundswell Fund and is a Grantmakers United for Trans Communities (GUTC) Leadership Development Fellow. She was most recently a Senior Program Associate at the Fund for Trans Generations at Borealis Philanthropy, and the Queer Network Program Coordinator at API Chaya.

She is also an avid lover of speculative fiction, noodles, astrology (Sag Sun, Cancer Rising, Libra Moon), feelings, and do-it-yourself scavenger hunts.


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