PHONK! Festival

WRC Community Members will be attending & live mural painting at the first PHONK! Philly Festival on October 16th

Through community engagements centered around brass band and drumline-style performance, PHonk!Philly harnesses the unifying power of art, music and dance to engage neighbors from every corner of Philadelphia in intercultural dialogue. We do this by centering historically underrepresented and otherwise under-resourced creators who have been enriching the city of Philadelphia with their cultural knowledge for generations. In recognizing the ways in which each and every one of us contributes to community, we can bridge the differences that too often divide us, moving us all closer toward collective liberation.

PHonk!Philly will take place at *FDR Park on October 16th, 2021 from 1pm to 6pm. Entry is FREE. A main stage will host bands for 30-minute sets with shorter acts by other genres of performance art in between each set. To highlight visual forms of community-based art, banners from local artists will be incorporated throughout the physical space, demarcating the perimeter of the event and serving as wayfinding signage. Food vendors, small businesses, and community groups will offer additional inroads for cross-cultural exchange.

Unifying Principles
•We believe that music in the streets helps to reclaim and redefine the use of public space.

•We believe that music brings elements of power, energy and healing to struggles for collective liberation.

•We stand in solidarity with struggles that challenge all forms of individual and institutional domination, inequality and oppression.

•We wish for PHonk! to be a community in which we uplift each other with the energy to continue fighting for collective liberation.


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