Financing a Capital Plan through Non-Extractive Financing

This interactive workshop shares EB PREC’s experience and recommendations for raising non-extractive capital. Both community and capital stewards will brainstorm ideas for creating a productive and successful investment process for capital providers to utilize when investing in communities.

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EB PREC will share successes & learnings from our Esther’s Orbit Room Capital Campaign, which brought in over $5 Million to acquire and rehabilitate Esther’s Orbit Room in West Oakland. The team will share specific learnings geared towards the needs of both community and capital stewards:

  • > For community stewards:
    • > Learn from EB PREC’s experience and 4 years of field building to successfully launch our Esther’s Orbit Room capital campaign, including building your capital stack and negotiating with Funders.
    • > How to show up in an authentic, sovereign way to build a more equal power dynamic with Funders.
    • > How to create a capital campaign that builds from existing relationships and leverages your organization’s strengths.
  • > For capital stewards:
    • > Learn from EB PREC’s capital stack & fundraising process to understand best practices for non-extractive finance: interest rates, terms, documents, and other legal/technical solutions.
    • > How to build non-extractive relationships with community members for authentic relationship-building.
    • > What questions to ask to ensure the investment/due diligence process is community-centered.

We hope by the end of this workshop, both community and capital stewards will leave with lessons learned re: what they can do to overcome barriers to both receiving and deploying capital.

Learn more HERE about earlier workshops on creating Community Plans and Capital Plans.

We hope to see you there!


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