Against Law Enforced Diversion Programs! by Philadelphia Red Umbrella Alliance

Law enforced diversion programs are designed to look like benevolent “social work” policing.

About this event

Law enforced diversion programs are cropping up across the United States and are often designed to look like benovelent “social work” policing. Their purpose is to often distract from demands of police abolition while keeping people in cycles of continuous incarceration.

To honor International Sex Workers’ Rights Day on March 3, PhillyRUA is putting up a series of political education events. Join us on March 2, 2022 to learn about police enforced diversion programs in Philadelphia and our concrete demands towards full decriminalization and the abolition of the prison industrial complex!

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Speaker Bios

Sultana Bibi has been advocating for the economic, human and labor rights for people who trade sex and use drugs since 2010. She is a member of Project SAFE, a harm reduction organization that works at the intersection of sex work, drug use, and homelessness in Philadelphia. She is also co-founder of Nightshade, a sex worker collective that centers the experiences of street-based sex workers and aims to decriminalize sex work and drug use in Philadelphia and beyond.

Raani Begum is a queer, South Asian full service sex worker. She organizes with Project Safe and Philadelphia Red Umbrella Alliance around the issues people who trade sex and use drugs experience. She focuses her community organizing and research on the intersection of street economies, culture, labor, anti-police work and surveillance, and harm reduction from a gendered perspective. Her work appears on The Heaux History Project and is also published on her subscription links.


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