Environmental Pollution


Parts Per Million of C02

In the face of passing milestones that threaten our survival, those in power have reacted with a non-bidding agreement when we need worldwide cooperation.

The fight to stop climate change has been lost.

Oceans are warming and acidifying, melting the polar ice caps, causing raising sea levels and forming oxygen-less ocean dead zones.

Large groupings of plastic in oceans are breaking up into poisonous micro plastics that we are now finding in the fish we eat.

Plastics that are produced for private profit now causes damage to some of the poorest countries and island communities, who are left with massive cleanup effects.

Even if we stopped all carbon emissions today, our survival on this planet will require a massive transformation. The adaption of our infrastructure and consumption lifestyle to restore the ecosystems polluted by human activity.

150 -250 species of plants, birds, mammals, and inspects are going extinct every 24 hours, 1000 times the national rate

Rainforests, that take 1/3 of excess CO2 from the atmosphere, are losing 50,000 acres a day.

Divorced from nature just to extract.

Privatized Profit, Socialized Cost