Corporate Banking

If you defraud millions of working class people through security backed mortgages of billions of dollars, you are placed in a cabinet position in government or on the trustee boards at Harvard or Yale. While if you steal diapers or baby food you can be shoot in the back, thrown in prison, or shamed in the media. 

The global banking system is designed to extract wealth from local economies into pockets of a few, displayed in the lack of investment into small businesses. It is motived by only one purpose, profit, and will stop at nothing to ensure quarterly earning show growth.

This has lead to corporate banks selling worthless derivatives, stealing homes from their own customers by blaming computer glitches, lobbying to use depositors money to pay for the consequences of speculative investing and bad loans, investing in pipelines and military contractors, etc. hurting the same tax payers who bailed them out.

These corporate banks fuel suffering around the world with a fiat currency, that is created out of thin air. Our currency is no longer based on tangible assets but printed or digitally added to accounts at the will of elite banking institutions for personal profit.

The 2008 crisis showed banks no longer operate on a Fractional Reserve system but a completely debt based system stimulated by consumerism of pointless products that only serve as temporary satisfaction.

Banks borrow money at 0% from the Federal Reserve to lend to us at 15-20% interest.

Banks have cost households nearly $20 trillion in wealth since 2008.

$16.8 trillion dollars were paid through TARP to bail out banks, which then paid out over $1.5 billion in bonuses.

It’s time we foreclose on the banks that foreclosed on us by abdicating their obligations through immoral investments and theft to grow profits.

Markets treat unequal people equally. They view a person with $100 and another with $1 the same and do not adjustment for need or hardship only factoring in price and profit.