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Workers Revolutionary Collective

Worker Introduction

For those who have come because their conscience leaves me no other choice, WRC is honored to relay on community support to advance our mission. For those who understand there comes a time when silence is betrayal. That time has come in relation to Capitalism.

Where Our Power comes from?


WRC is powered by people ready to contribute their Economic, Political, Physical, Psychological, and, Social nonviolent weapons to our collective liberation.

We treat workers with the radical love, co-care, and authenticity necessary to develop and support local power building within oppressed and working communities across all spectrums of class divisions. 

In commit to sourcing financial contributions directly from community members and grassroots organizations through action support, mutual aid, and grant giving, all our financials are transparently reported on our blog.



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Tangible Support Requests

Working Class Labor Solidarity

Regional produce, meat & dairy

Material printing and workshop supplies

Land Insecure Unionizing

Land in working class neighborhoods

People’s Fleet

Vehicles and shared access to vehicles

Vehicle maintenance & repair support

Vehicle cleaning & disinfectant supplies

People’s Comms

Server parts for cooperative education and media platform

Cameras, 4k equipped phones, microphones & laptops

Open source media platform development support

People’s Buildings

Gifted properties in working class neighborhoods

No-cost property leasing

Addiction Care Outreach

Wound Care supplies & services

Cotton pellets (#3 or #2)

Vitamin C tablets

Collective Accountability Circles

Community Spaces to host skill shares & circles

Gardens for the gods

Plant starters, seeds, compost, mulch & growing supplies

Growing spaces on local farms

People’s Passions

Artwork, fashion, body-care products, herbal blends and support services

Art Supplies & tools- all mediums & disciplines

Music Recording & production equipment

Parachute Cloth (polytab) and framed canvass

humans helping humans

Hosts for free public closets, pantries & self-serve healing cabinets

Bulk medicinal herbs, oils, waxes and glass containers

Recurring mutual aid transportation