Collectives are the peoples institutions, to fortify communities from the systemic pillars of working class oppression.

General Strike Collective

The General Strike Collective is the unification of workers in the world by organizing community ownership of the means of production and redefining work in the age of automation.


Organize those unsatisfied with the results of top-down dead end employment to transition the workplace into a employee self directed cooperative to provide the needs for working class sustainability.

Stolen Lands Collective

The Stolen Lands Collective is the recognition of the theft of land from indigenous American tribes and the working class labor that has built the homes and workplaces to reclaim the land in the name of the peoples’ needs.


Organize communities to take cooperative ownership of the land in our oppressed and working neighborhoods to provide shelter and local food sources without pretence.

Healthcare Collective

The Healthcare Collective is solidarity in the form of Care for the Health needs of all people with quality service; beyond the desires of institutional greed.


Organize communities to take cooperative ownership of local medical institutions to provide the necessary treatment and care to improve the health of all.

Spiritual Collective

The Spiritual Collective aims to ignite the fire in the souls of our brothers and sisters in the struggle to be loved, to heal trauma, and to find our true selves.


Organize communities to reimagine and redesign community space for communication and safe spaces for everyone to overcome the oppressive isolation of our culturally cleansed communities.


The Philadelphia Drug Users’ Union is a collective of people at different points on the spectrum of drug use working to maximize the proven ability of drug users to keep themselves and their communities healthy and safe.


Organize drug users and those impacted by drugs to establish community safe consumption sites with safe supply and the measures to contribute to society without exploitation.

helpfuljellyfish are working class people building networks of participatory solidarity through mutual aid engagement, community development & radical storytelling .


Give, get and sustain helpful acts of solidarity.