Clean Energy Transition

Capitalism has brought about the rise of an corporate oligarchic elite that cares nothing for human life. The result:

Action on Climate Catastrophe is pending profitability.

Government officials addicted to lobbyist handouts have turned a blind eye, even though Exxon and Shell has known about it since the 1980’s but choose to hide research for profits.

The pursuit of alternative dirty fuels to keep control of our energy in the hands of Fossil Fuels has wasted millions of resources, destroyed ocean ecosystems, and impacted the lives of many working and oppressed people.

The facade of energy sources like fracking, offshore drilling, producing ethanol, converting tar sands, and any other fossil fuel energy production is not sustainable and cost more energy to produce than provides for consumption.

It is clear we the people have been in a state of emergency, for far too long, when business is conducted as usual regardless of the impending destruction.

Any state, corporation, or institution that fails to recognize the Climate Catastrophe and the right of mankind to a clean Earth is obsolete.

The debate about Climate Catastrophe, is noise.

The effects and science of Climate Catastrophe are clear.

What actions do climate scientist agree we need to implement now and what others do we still need to develop? Are the only questions.

Capitalism has no internal mechanisms of control and now there are not external mechanisms of control which means capitalist will exploit everything; human beings, the natural world until exhaustion or collapse.

Privatized Profits, Socialized Environmental Destruction