Clean Drinking Water

The two forms of capitalism offered to the people in our political system, private and state, have both fueled the privatization of water.

Global corporations exploit limited resources and working people to profit from bottled water. Nestle, the largest food company in the world, extracts 500 gallons of water a minute from Michigan for only $200 a year.

State agencies at the whim of politically aligned donors overrule environmental impact studies that show extraction damage in favor of studies done by large corporations.

This donor state alliance continues by forcing longtime residents out of their homes due to not paying up to $7,000 water bills for tainted water.

Flint is just one of the 3,810 communities in US that has lead levels above childhood lead poisoning rates. This effects the development of children and increases the violence in those communities.

Ultimately creating a 1,2 punch of class and racial cleansing through a state and corporate partnership. More commonly called fascism.

Theft of Indigenous American tribes rights to their sources of water for the benefit of private profit of corporations.

43 sates contaminated water due to PFAS chemicals, created by manufacturing of teflon.

Children that were once straight A students now can not longer count to 10 because of the impact of the tainted water.

This is silent genocide today in America.

Water Belongs to the People