Class Division

“War is a continuation of politics by other means, politics is a continuation of economics by other means.”

The establishment of today has busied itself with the “boutique activism” of identity politics and it has left unexplored the systematic and structural issues that perpetuate the cycle of suffering.

Elite manipulation of the narrative frames arguments as wars, attacking each others position and defending our own, void of the ability to find a solution to the common interest of the conversation.

Internal restrictions, or prejudices, spread throughout the wider society have resulted in a culture of hate, fear, and violence drastically impacting every aspect of working class life.

Rapid external changes to our family dynamics, workplace culture, and community have destroyed social bonds and displaced many in our society without examination.

Consistent atomization has focused the people only at an individual level and removed our ability to see our shared oppressor. This has given birth to vertically structured NGOs that harden the chains of capitalism through philanthropy by solidifying dependence instead of liberation and self determination.







Religious Prejudice

World of massive class inequality within that inequality there are thousands of other inequalities.