Receiving radical love is Revolutionary Work, too


Many revolutionary workers right now are struggling with anxiety and apathy, impatiently feeling stuck and burdened. We are emotionally burned out from the chronic distress of living in late capitalism. Even as we fight against collective injustice, we feel alone in our search for a sense of security that we have never really known. What […]

helpfuljellyfish finds radical home in WRC


The Workers Revolutionary Collective is a grassroots organization abolishing our shared struggles and ending the exploitation of the working class through non-violent solidarity: observation, education & participation in collective, community based, non-violent struggle actions. Our newest collective is helpfuljellyfish, working class people building networks of participatory solidarity through mutual aid engagement, community development & radical […]

Encampment Financial Support Documentation

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Cash App* Income: $12,171 (GROSS) – (FEES) = $11,836.83 (NET) Expenses: $334.17 (FEES) + $3,953.17 (Digital Reimbursements) = $4,287.34 PayPal* Income: $8,775.75 (GROSS) – (FEES) = $8,543.15 (NET) Expenses: $232.6 (FEES) + $476 (Digital Reimbursements) = $708.6 Bank Records Income: $16,210.39 (Total Bank deposits from Cash App & PayPal accounts) Expenses: $17,868.16 (Total) = $12,075.32 […]

Collective of Active Drug Users remove over 70,000 syringes from Philadelphia Streets


This data below is taken from the Syringe Clean Up Project started in the Kensington area of Philadelphia, PA. The project, which ran from 3/18/18-3/21/20, was completely volunteer based all of whom were active drug users of all kinds. This purpose of this project was to remove thousands of extremely hazardous syringes from low-income areas, […]