About WRC

The Workers Revolutionary Collective is a member self directed cooperative of oppressed and working people organized to abolish our shared struggles and end the exploitation of the working class.


We believe through observation and participation of collective non-violent actions towards ending our shared struggles we the people will grant ourselves economic & social liberation.


Firmly rooted in revolutionary philosophy WRC educates towards non-violent struggle actions to expose the moral bankruptcy of the capitalist institutions that exploit oppressed & working people and perpetuates class division.


WRC's exploration of theory in our principals creates an open platform for care, understanding, and mutual aid of oppressed & working people. WRC, including members in representative situations and partnered events, must never advocate in partisan interest or express preference of any political candidate. 


Freedom can not be won outside the confines of economic injustice and class division. 

WRC is organized in a cooperative structure to ensure the organization reflects its members and the communities it serves. The members of WRC come from all walks of life, each bringing their one of a kind perspective forged from their encounter with our common struggles. We are unemployed; artist, lawyers, and manufacturers, underpaid; drivers, teachers, and service workers, the working poor, indebted students and those alienated by; debt, health disabilities, and the criminal justice system. We are the dispossessed and disenfranchised that suffer violently everyday.


WRC approach is to first understand those directly impacted by our shared struggles and build a systemic view of the issues in our communities. With systematic understanding of the community's shared struggles, WRC organizes tools and resources for community members to move toward collective non-violent struggle actions to alleviate shared struggles.

Our mission is to transfer the power of our communities to the oppressed and working people to liberate our communities by ending the cycle of reliance on external exploitative institutions.


WRC is an organization that is self directed by its members that who are also members of the oppressed and working communities we serve. WRC only source of fundraising is from community members and we will never solicit funding from corporations, governments, or philanthropists. 


International working class solidarity, across all spectrums of division, amongst those who conclude they will not be able to achieve stability economically or socially.

Our Structure

The legal makeup of the Workers Revolutionary Collective is organized as a non-profit, nonpartisan alliance organization that educates to raise class consciousness of the collective struggle of all oppressed and working people. The Workers Revolutionary Collective is organized as a member self directed cooperative to embody the society of Direct Democracy we strive to manifest. 

The Workers Revolutionary Collective is a nonprofit organization that raises class consciousness of oppressed & working class struggle through the observation and participation of non-violent actions to collectively restructure our communities in the image of the people.


Raise the class consciousness that will allow the oppressed people of the world to learn from the available sources and experiences that liberation through non-violent struggle is within their power.

Our Financials

Any donation is extremely appreciated. As a commit to transparency and financial accountably WRC provides digital breakdowns of how donations are used in community growth. If at any time you wish to obtain a physical breakdown of how donations were used you may a request paper breakdown.


Cultivate community solidarity through the observation and participation of action that directly correlates with community issues and goals. 

Q: What is the Workers Revolutionary Collective?

WRC is a member self directed non profit founded to understand working class struggles and collectively educating towards community lead actions to solve shared struggles. We are community members and local worker self directed institutions.

Q: Who are WRC members?

Empowered community members who are prepared to contribute towards an uncertain future of justice for all working people rather then settle for oppression. Anyone ready to contribute their Psychological, Social, Economical, and Political weapons to a collective force for liberation instead of for personal profit.

Q: Where is WRC located?

WRC is an non profit organization founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania of the United States that functions as autonomous communities. We collaborate with many working and oppressed people and communities around the world towards building self-determined international working class solidarity.

Q: How is WRC legally structured?

Workers Revolutionary Collective is organized as a nonpartisan non-profit 501(c)(3), that educates to raise class consciousness of the collective struggles of the oppressed and working class people.

Q: How is WRC funded?

100% percent by the community members donations, local businesses, event contributions, and WRC members contributions.


Q: What is purpose of the collective programs?

To alleviate the suffering of working and oppressed people as we push towards a systemic solution. All collectives are a creation from a collective struggle of the community by the community members.

Q: How do I get involved?

Speak truth to power and demand change with the people by signing our demands for change that we send directly to our representatives to engage at community meetings.

WRC Collectives are always in need of volunteers to contribute their passion and time. Please fill out a volunteer form so we may contribute together.

Q: How is WRC internally structured?

We are structured as a worker self directed cooperative. We operate collectively as a General Circle as well as autonomously within sub circles. Every Circle must adhere to General Bylaws and each member is empowered to challenge any perceived misconduct and enforce democratic accountability.

Q: What is purpose of the collective programs?

To alleviate the suffering of working and oppressed people as we push towards a systemic solution. All collectives are a creation from a collective struggle of the community by the community members.

Q: What is worker-member patronage?

Worker-member patronage is


Belief in something greater than yourself and an understanding that you are an important part. That it is your duty to be the greatest version of yourself and the collective’s responsibility to uplift you and to hold you accountable.

Where Our Power comes from?


WRC is powered by people ready to contribute their Economic, Political, Physical, Psychological, and, Social nonviolent weapons to our collective liberation.

We treat workers with the radical love, co-care, and authenticity necessary to develop and support local power building within oppressed and working communities across all spectrums of class divisions. 

In commit to sourcing financial contributions directly from community members and grassroots organizations through action support, mutual aid, and grant giving, all our financials are transparently reported on our blog.