Who is the Workers Revolutionary Collective?

We are organized people building community power, abolishing our shared struggles & advancing the people's justice towards liberation.


We are members of oppressed & working communities, forced to sell our labor (physical or intellectual) for our basic needs, ending our exploitation in the form of spiritual, social & material organizing.


We organize and tangibly display, build & apply the power of our people to obtain our basic human needs and reclaim our communities from elite institutions and government entities by supporting local direct nonviolent actions.


We operate as a 501(c)3 non-profit cooperative of worker self-directed collectives, manifesting local actions of community solutions that reflect our experiences and set the foundation for community pillars to end our shared struggles.

Our Worker's Collectives

General Strike Collective

We organize to determine our own destinies in our communities and workplaces by democratically directing all the institutions which exist as a result of our labor.

We struggle against the extraction of our labor, our passion, and our time by the exploitation of capitalist labor.

Stolen Lands Collective

We organize to take community ownership of the land: to heal it and be healed, to provide quality food, water, and shelter for our people, and join the worldwide demand for land sovereignty by the people without pretense.

We struggle against the ongoing imperialistic theft & destruction of our land for private profit at the cost of the natural resources and our indigenous relationships.

Human Care Collective

We organize to take community ownership of collective care practices: to create holistic non-traditional medical spaces, and organize community delivered health processes.

We struggle against the commodification of our wellness and criminalization of community driven care for the sole interest of the global, for-profit pharmaceutical industry.

Art Collective

We organize to nourish ourselves and each other through authentic and unfettered expression of our collective spirit to build and inspire community power.

We struggle against the oppression of our spirit, identity, and expression of our creative voice perpetuated by supremacy culture.

Spiritual Collective

We organize to re-imagine and reclaim nourishing community spaces: to be loved, to heal, & to liberate on the journey to be our true selves.

We struggle against the ongoing atomization & erasure of our cultural and spiritual roots in the systematic practice of historical elitism of educational and media institutions.

helpfuljellyfish collective

We mobilize humans helping humans into communities, taking solidarity driven non-violent actions, on and off screen driven by collective storytelling.

We struggle against being treated in ways that deny us our humanity by ourselves, each other & the industrial complexes that surround us.

PHL Laundry Collective

PHL Laundry Support started as a laundry service to support unhoused and housing insecure protestors, and has transformed into a mutual aid collective responding to broader needs of laundry support and community engagement.

We struggle against the dismantling of our dignity and deterioration of our wellness through exploitation, isolation, and alienation.

Why does WRC exist?

To Abolish Oppression

We educate ourselves to remain acutely aware of our true shared history & the moral bankruptcy of the international systems of oppression perpetuating class division.


Freedom can not be won outside the confines of economic injustice and class division. 

To Advance the People's Justice

We demand & organize the transfer of power to the globally impoverished masses being intentionally exploited through corporate & government systems.



To Create

Revolutionary Change

We cultivate community solidarity & collective deployment of our nonviolent Economic, Political, Physical, Psychological, and Social power towards systematic liberation.


End working class oppression

through working class solidarity.

Our Collective Organizing

We organize trans-local communal land ownership and stewardship to generate sovereignty for our food and land insecure communities.

We unionize landless farmers, housing & food insecure neighbors surrounding community fridges, and labor unions around regenerative systems of food as care.

We reclaim and organize local centers of community passion into public space that gives local workers agency in developing community security.

WRC members exploited by the for-profit healthcare system are coalitioning with labor unions, community organizations, herbalists, healthcare professionals, and local farmers to organize unionized, community owned healing spaces, equipment, and resources to make quality humanized care a reality across all cultural or economic statuses.

We organize against the simultaneous commodification and criminalization of our wellness through tangible demonstrations of community driven addiction care & harm reduction.

We organize education expanding on the sense that the conditions of our personal experiences are not unique within our community, stimulating critical thinking that reveals our true shared history and sources of economic injustice and class divisions. 

We organize initiatives of creativity and strategic precision, nourishing

community media listening to and uplifting stories that removes the veil of our collective systematic oppression through creative production.

We organize member led skill shares locally powering visions of community thriving, facilitating public expressions of passion, and multiplying a culture of power.

We organize beyond capitalist labor structure that exploits our creativity, passion and skills labor towards a gift based ecosystem of radical love and healing.

We stimulate the atmosphere of artistic co-education needed to facilitate community led imagination and play in the most malnourished of our community, free of common resource constraints and limitations.

We organize community Check-Ins to put down what burdens us, pick up our blessings and strategize around collective well being.

We organize land embedded in communities impacted by municipal divestment, structural exploitation, and cultural oppression being long term stewarded by coalition of locals.

We organize humans helping humans exist & thrive, using collective storytelling to dismantle dehumanization by organizing solidarity driven non-violent mutual aid actions, on and off screen.

We provides members access to a mutual aid car-share network that manages and insures motor vehicles for collective use, maintenance and funding.

How does WRC liberate?

We observe, participate in &, organize local direct nonviolent actions that display, build & apply the power of people coming together.


Together we expand our knowledge through the experiences within our community to reveal the sources of economic injustice and class divisions.


We take non-violent actions that embody our desired systematic change to bring our liberation through communally determined solutions.


Organizing grants individuals the sense of being part of a collective, the ability explore the passions of life obstacles, to something larger than the self.

Our Collective Actions

July 2024

Where Our Power comes from?


WRC is powered by people ready to contribute their Economic, Political, Physical, Psychological, and, Social nonviolent weapons to our collective liberation.

We treat workers with the radical love, co-care, and authenticity necessary to develop and support local power building within oppressed and working communities across all dimensions of class divisions. 

In commit to sourcing financial contributions directly from community members and grassroots organizations through action support, mutual aid, and grant giving, all our financials are transparently reported through Open Collective.

501(c)3 Tax-ID: 83-2888166







Workers Revolutionary Collective

Worker Introduction

For those who have come because their conscience leaves me no other choice, WRC is honored to relay on community support to advance our mission. For those who understand there comes a time when silence is betrayal. That time has come in relation to Capitalism.

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